Entry: Muuuy Aburrida y Reaparecida 2 =s Friday, March 26, 2004

Mood: Bien..... con mucho calor
Escuchando: In The Shadows-The Rasmus
Viendo: Much Music

Aca les dejo otros tests que anduve haciendo... prometo que voy a actualizar. Solo estoy con fiaca.


what color are you?

what kind of junkie are you?

which smilie are you?

which stereotype are you?

In the past life you were an: Actress
Your prime year was: 1952
Your age at this time was: 23

Your wishes for glamour and love for entertaining stems from your career as an actress in the past life.Wether you were a stage actress in New York,a multi-talented musical queen or Marilyn Monroe herself,your past work gives you the ambition and energy you need to struggle through life's ups and downs.Your age,23,shows that you were born in the year 1929.Hit movies of 1952 were High Noon,Singin' In The Rain and Monkey Business.
What was your career in the past life?


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